Introductory Course to Sherry Wines to get to know them from the vineyard to the winery, how to identify them, how to enjoy them and learn the uses of sherry in your restaurant or bar.

Find out how, if you know about sherry, you can share your knowledge with your friends and, if you are in the trade, how you can increase sales.

A problem that many wine lovers and professionals often encounter when it comes to
drinking, buying or selling sherries is how complicated it is to get to know and understand
them and then to sell them to diners or customers.

If any of that sounds familiar to you, think about how much you will get out of this course. It will teach you the production process, from the vineyard right through to the glass.

You will learn about the source of the wines – the vineyard – and we’ll show you, in easy to understand steps, how the different sherry wines are made so that you understand what fino, amontillado and palo cortado are.

Winelovers SherryMaster Online


The course consists of 23 sections, each with a video with an average duration of 5 minutes, as well as a technical, downloadable PDF.

You will receive a pack with 6 sherry wines of 5cl: Fino, Amontillado, Oloroso, Palo Cortado, Cream and Pedro Ximenez.

You will taste live with Antonio Flores, a unique experience that will introduce you to tasting with friends or being able recommend a wine to diners or customers.


You have the opportunity today to sign up for the most comprehensive course there is on the
sherry wines. It will teach you all the basics, you will enjoy the wines and you will take plenty
away with you to talk to customers about.

Servicio Sala SherryMaster Online


The viticulture behind sherry wines

The vinification processes

How sherry is made and aged

How to organize your first tasting

How to talk about sherry to customers

Find out how to choose the right sherry for any occasion

Sign up for our course and find out how sherry wines are made, how to recognise and enjoy them and how to increase sales in your shop or restaurant.




Immediate access to the entire course content so you can get going when you like and are able to.


González Byass will provide you with a certificate, signed by our Master Blender, Antonio Flores, to confirm you have taken part in the course.


This part-theory, part-practical course will help you achieve these objectives and we will show you:

    How to explain the viticulture process that underpins the sherry wines

    How sherry is vinified

    How sherry is made and aged

    How sherry should be tasted

    How to construct convincing arguments to help sell sherry

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  • Video: Welcome to SherryMaster Online
  • Vídeo 1: The Vineyard

1. The Palomino, Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel grapes
2. Vine rootstocks
3. Phylloxera

  • Vídeo 2: The Land

1. The Marco de Jerez
2. Location and climate
3. Soil, plants and climate, the perfect trilogy

  • Vídeo 3: The Vine’s Growth Cycle

1. Budburst, Leaf Growth, Flowering, Véraison and the Harvest.
2. Mechanical Work, Manual Work

  • Vídeo 4: Vineyard tasks

1. Mechanical tasks: Aserpia (creating earthworks typical of the Marco de Jerez that are designed to help retain water) and Escorrentía (run-off).
2. Manual Tasks: Pruning.
3. The Harvest

  • Vídeo 5: Looking After the Vine

1. Diseases: Oidium and Mildew
2. Pests: Lobesia Botrana, Green Mosquitos, Spiders
3. Integrated production: Sustainability

  • Video 6: Vinification

1. What happens when the grapes arrive at the winery
2. The de-stemming machine
3. Pressing the grapes and the two types of must obtained: escurrido (released must) and that referred to as primera yema
4. Clarification (known as desfangado) -the Static Process used at González Byass
5. Other fining processes
6. Fermentation

  • Video 7: Classifying the must

1. The Deslío
2. Biological Ageing: Provenance and Qualities, future Tío Pepe
3. Oxidative Ageing: Provenance and Qualities, future Oloroso

  • Vídeo 8: Fortifying the wine

1. Biological Ageing: Growing the yeast
2. Oxidative Ageing: Oxidation through contact with oxygen

  • Video 9: Vinifying Pedro Ximénez

1. Pedro Ximénez vineyards
2. The Soleo (or ‘sunning’, i.e. drying the grapes in the sun)
3. Presses (Horizontal Pneumatic Press / Vertical Hydraulic Press)
4. Fermentation of the Must 🡪 Glycemic Stress
5. Ageing

  • Video 10: Ageing

1. Biological Ageing

2. Oxidative Ageing

  • Video 11: The Criadera and Solera system

1. Setting up
2. Composition
3. The Rocío

  • Video 12: Vinos de Cabeceo (Blended Wines)

1. Origin
2. Types: Medium, Cream, Pale Cream

  • Video 13: En Rama (unfined or barely fined) wines

1. What makes En Rama wines different
2. Features
o Visual
o Flavours and aromas

  • Vídeo 14: The winery

1. The architecture of the winery:
o Dimensions (arches, picture windows, pillars, walls…)
o The Criadera and Solera system revolution
o Location
o Temperature and humidity

  • Video 15: The Butt

1. Wood: New and envinado (Seasoned with Wine)
2. Oak and where it comes from
3. The ageing vessel: The Butt
o Capacity
o Durability
o The Sherry Cask

  • Vídeo 16: Mixology and the Sherry Cobbler

1. Mixology
2. The Sherry Cobbler

  • Video 17: Mixology and the Bamboo 

1. The history of the Bamboo
2. How to make it

  • Video 18: Mixology – The Adonis

1. The history of the Adonis
2. How to make it

  • Video 19: Mixolgy – The Sour

1. A variation on the Sour
2. How to make it

  • Video 20: Mixology – The Whisky Sour

1. The Whisky Sour
2. How to make it

  • Video 21: Sherry in restaurants

1. Glasses:
o Open and Wide
o Traditional
o Traditional wine
2. The temperature of the wine
3. Wines to serve with food

  • Video 22: How to sell your first sherry

1. How to talk about sherry
2. Sweet, Cream 👉 Start with something easy
3. Fino, Amontillado, Palo Cortado 👉 How to move on to something more complex

  • Tasting: Introduction to sherry wines

Six wines of the most outstanding types of sherry wine:

  • Fino, Tío Pepe
  • Oloroso, Viña AB
  • Amontillado, Alfonso
  • Palo cortado, Leonor
  • Cream, Solera 1847
  • Pedro Ximénez, Néctar

Upon completion you will receive a certificate signed by Antonio Flores

Ready to learn everything about sherry, once and for all?

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The videos are recorded in Spanish and subtitled in English.

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You will need between two and four hours to see all the videos of the course and participate in the online sherry tasting.

Yes. The course is approved by González Byass and the Regulatory Board of Jerez-Xérès-Sherry and upon completion you can download your certificate.

No, the videos cannot be downloaded as the course should not be shared. You can watch all the videos from a computer, iPad or mobile phone with internet connection, as all the videos are stored in Vimeo.

Once you purchase the course, we will organise the shipment of the wines with our distributor in your country. Ideally, the wines will reach you within a week.

We will hold monthly tastings with a small group of participants, to make sure that the tasting holds a high quality and personalised attention. If you are not in the first group, you will join the following. You are welcome to request the video of previous tastings as well as the tasting you participated in. You can also join future tastings, in case you are interested.